Welcome to our Spanish school in Buenos Aires


We are a team of professional career Spanish teachers who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and other top academic institutions in Argentina. In 1993, we founded our own Spanish school, which we named Rayuela (Hopscotch) as a tribute to Julio Cortázar’s world-famous novel, and as a reminder that teaching and learning a language should always be an enjoyable game of communication. Today, as much as yesterday, we take pride in leading a school that offers quality classes in a friendly and relaxed environment, and which at the same time is totally independent from any language corporation.


We teach Spanish for real and effective communication


Like many other students, you have found our website as part of your search for a professional Spanish school in Buenos Aires. Understandably, you want to be sure you are making the right decision if you choose us. In other words, you want to know about the effectiveness of our teaching methods before enrolling in one of our courses. We can easily explain that in a few lines. To ensure that you successfully study Spanish for real and effective communication, we offer a student-centred approach that involves: 

  • Careful evaluation of each student’s starting level and specific needs
  • Teaching programmes for small group classes based on the syllabuses established by the University of Buenos Aires
  • Fully customised programmes for private or shared private courses
  • The design and production of our own study materials for each level and type of course
  • The tailoring of class activities to the characteristics, needs and preferences of each particular student or group of students
  • Regular supervision, monitoring and assessment of the teaching learning process


We look forward to meeting you at our Spanish school in Buenos Aires.

Prof. Alejandro Michel
Director of Studies
UBA Diploma in Spanish

Aviso legal: la denominación Rayuela y el logo que la acompaña son marca registrada ante la Oficina de Marcas del Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial (I.N.P.I.) de Argentina.

Instituto de Español Rayuela
Spanish school in Buenos Aires | Rayuela
852 Chacabuco St - Buenos Aires - Argentina
WhatsApp: +54 9 11 5101 8077

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