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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   2017   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        I had a wonderful experience at Rayuela Instituto de Espanol and improved my Spanish massively. I studied there for about 5 weeks. The classes were 4 hours per day (when a group was available) or 3 hours per day (individual when no suitable group was available). The group sizes were 3 people maximum. The teacher can really focus on you when the class sizes are so small - there is nowhere to hide! The teachers were super bubbly and enthusiastic - just charming people (Judith, Yanina and Alejandro). They are real professionals. The lessons are well prepared and designed to focus on the areas that you need to improve most to communicate effectively. This is a small school, located in an historic old residential apartment building in San Telmo. The classrooms are spacious and comfortable with delicious bottomless free coffee or mate provided - you'll need it if you have a 9am start in Buenos Aires the party city! If you are focused on improving your language abilities, this is the school for you - I have studied in a number of Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires and around the world and I am just so impressed with Rayuela.
Russel Miller
Australia, Accountant


        I studied at the Rayuela for five weeks, with one week as a four-hour class with one other student, the other four with three hours in an individual class. I cannot speak too highly of the excellence of this school: its organization (Alejandro is super efficient), the knowledge of its teachers (my teacher was a specialist linguist who could illuminate points by referring to a whole range of languages -- as can Alejandro and other teachers), the commitment and passion of the teachers and the ethos of everyone, through all the students. The school is friendly, relaxed, but serious about teaching and learning. It is small (less than 15 students in total, up to four teachers) and provides a remarkable level of individual instruction. As a bonus, the school is situated in a very attractive suite of rooms in a well-restored C19 grand residence in San Telmo, with all its fine pubs, restaurants and shops.
Peter Robinson
Australia & Canada, University Professor


        Die Sprachschule Rayuela befindet sich in einem schönen Gebäude, zentral im Stadtteil San Telmo gelegen. Ich hatte drei Wochen lang Privatunterricht bei Alejandro, dem Leiter der Schule. Der Unterricht war ausgezeichnet und sehr effektiv. Alejandro kann Grammatikthemen sehr gut vermitteln. Es wurde auf meine Wünsche und Bedürfnisse eingegangen, spontane Fragen immer direkt aufgegriffen und erklärt. Die Unterrichtsmaterialien waren sehr übersichtlich und gut aufgebaut. Absolut empfehlenswert!
Manuela Hoffmann
Germany, Economist


        My girlfriend and I studied at Rayuela for a few weeks and really enjoyed the school. We had classes with Alejandro and Yani and they both have a ton of experience and do a great job in helping you along the way in a stress free environment. We felt the school really focuses more on quality and slowly building upon concepts to help with retention as opposed to quickly rushing through a ton of concepts all at once. They really helped us change the way we think when formulating sentences to the perspective more of a native speaker.
Justin Petersen
USA, Physical Therapist


        Insgesamt 7 Wochen habe ich an der Sprachschule gelernt. Am Anfang waren es Privatstunden, jeweils abwechselnd eine Woche mit Yanina und die Woche danach mit Alejandro. Ich vermute sie mussten sich abwechseln, weil ich so anstrengend war ... Jede Stunde war sehr intensiv, denn beide sind sehr engagiert in Ihrem Beruf als Lehrer. Wenn ich etwas nicht verstand, wurde es mir mit anderen Worten noch einmal erklärt, bis es klar war. Bald habe ich in der kleinen, aber feinen Schule auch Teilnehmer der fortgeschrittenen Klasse kennen gelernt und wir haben gemeinsam viel unternommen. Yanina hat uns ab und zu in den Ausgang begleitet. An meinem Geburtstag lud Yanina mich und die anderen Schüler, die schon ein paar Wochen an der Schule waren, zu sich nach Hause ein, wo sie ein typisches peruanisches Essen kochte. 3 Wochen konnte ich dann noch an einem Intensiv-Gruppenkurs teilnehmen. Yanina war sehr streng mit uns, aber wir hatten auch viel Spass dabei. Ich kann die Schule allen bestens empfehlen. Geht hin, lernt Spanisch und habt Spass.
Stefan Glöckler
Switzerland, Printer


        I genuinely recommend this school to anyone interested in studying Spanish at a more advanced level. The school offers individualised courses and focuses on needs and interests of each student. A relaxed atmosphere and a very friendly teaching staff are an additional plus. A great experience.
Julia Maciejczak
Poland, Student of Linguistics


        Estudei por três semanas no Instituto Rayuela, a escola possui ótima localização, estrutura e metodologia, superando todas as minhas expectativas. Com professores qualificados e material próprio, a escola é uma excelente opção de curso de idiomas em Buenos Aires. Os conteúdos trabalhados em sala de aula me permitiram experienciar a cidade de uma maneira completamente nova. Mais do que aulas de idiomas, o curso me proporcionou um novo olhar sobre política, economia e cultura argentina. Guardarei com bastante carinho os ensinamentos dosmeusprofesores.
Lucas Mendes
Brasil, Estudante Universitário


        Je ne peux pas fauter l'Institut Rayuela. J'étais intéressée à prendre une dizaine d'heures de cours lors de ma visite à BA. N'étant pas plus organisée qu'il ne le faille, j'ai contacté l'Institut Rayuela le lendemain de mon arrivée. Le directeur, Alejandro, m'a répondu dans les heures suivantes et nous avons organisé le début des cours le lendemain. J'ai été très impressionnée par cette rapidité de réponse et organisation! Ayant eu des cours à l'école primaire et secondaire il y a plus d'une décennie, mon niveau était en besoin urgent de rafraîchissement! Alejandro a rapidement diagnostiqué mes bêtes noires d'espagnol et a structuré les cours de façon parfaitement pertinente. Je n'ai pas eu l'impression de piétiner une seule fois! Le tout se faisant sous le couvert de la bonne humeur. J'ai apprécié aussi les anecdotes culturelles qui m'ont donné une meilleure compréhension de la culture en Argentine.Je prendrais des cours à nouveau à l'Institut Rayuela n'importe quand et je recommanderais sans hésitation!
Virginie Ducruc
Canada, Économiste


        I studied at Rayuela for 3 months (Oct-Dec 2016). I cannot recommend it highly enough! After visiting several language schools in Buenos Aires, I settled on Rayuela because it is smaller and more serious than others. The owner, Alejandro, is an excellent teacher and an interesting person to get to know. I also took classes from Judith who is an equally great teacher, friendly and professional. It is a small school, they are good at what they do, and offer excellent value for anyone who really wants to improve their Spanish skills while in Buenos Aires.
Nick Phillips
USA, Journalist and Writer


        I recently spent 3 weeks studying Spanish at the Rayuela Institute in San Telmo. It is situated in a beautiful building in Chacabuco not far from the SUBTE. The rooms were cool and airy with water, tea, coffee and of course mate readily available. The classes were small and so plenty of opportunity to speak Spanish in a supportive environment. The age range seemed be mainly people in their 20s but in my classes of 4 the average age was much higher(which was great for me as I am retired.) The teachers were all very experienced, cheerful and welcoming and we had a lot of fun discussing all manner of topics ranging from literature and politics to film and current events. The first part of the 4 hour class was devoted to grammar using well prepared handouts and then after a break we moved onto conversation. Overall it was a good experience which added a new dimension to my trip to Buenos Aires and certainly improved my listening skills and confidence in speaking.
Barbara Holding
England, ESL Teacher



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